Some News

Madam Guilliotine with her tall frame, sharp teeth and keen eyes has decided to grace us with her presence. Not that anyone has received the “chop” yet, but soon enough. And this time it will be me looking for a new means to eke out a living.

Let me explain why. There are people higher up on the pyramid that have decreed that workers and offices in this town are too expensive and in an – shall we say “enlightened” state – have decided that they can find cheaper works and places to set up shop in another city. It’s called nearshoring. Anyway, for some it gives an opportunity to move to another town. However, no-one, including myself, has decided to buy it. Even the people who moved from that town aren’t happy about the situation.

And this will be the situation: a sheer lack of skilled workers. In case you do not know, I work in a backup team. We backup servers across the nation on a variety of hardware and software that range in complexity. Despite our numbers, I believe that we do a fine job and most of the time we get things done. However, the nature of our work and the skills required to take on the work are rare. It took us a year to find three people, and one of them really didn’t fit. And we have only just recently hired two of those people. I can imagine how difficult it would be to find skilled workers within this new location, considering that where i work right now, is considered something of a bastard capital for IT work.

But this really a good opportunity for me. Earlier in the year, I was mulling over the fact that should be trying something new, being a year into the work and feeling a little bored with regular daily stuff. Whether its completely left of field or just the same job at a new place, really doesn’t bother me, because either way it will be different.

2 thoughts on “Some News

  1. Woah ! Take that severance package and spend a year doing your arts stuff then see what jobs are going. Do some stencilling, writing, graphic novels, good times. Learn to cook, and start going to more shows and getting out and about in your city!

    It’s called Living the Dream.

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