Excerpt – Racers of the Apocalypse

Dawn. The abandoned gas station. This well has run dry. Tyson watches as Joel’s car rolls into view down the highway. The sound is engine darkly purrs, dopplered as it approaches Tyson. The Red Beast comes to a stop, right near Tyson’s White Archangel. Joel steps out of the beast, his eyes on Tyson. There is only silence, except the hollow sound of the wind. A storm is on its way. Its ozone smell is in the air.

-So your tank is full? Joel asks.
-Yeah. Are you ready for this? Tyson counters. Knowing between them, all they had left to gamble were their cars and their reputation.
-Man. I was born with a knife between my teeth. Joel grins like the Devil.

Some where in the distance, there is a low rumble. And then the Flash. Duck and Cover. A new star is born on the earth. It has begun. This well has run dry and they will fight over another. Joel and Tyson cover their eyes from the flash. In front of them they see the silhouette of the city as the glow of the new and brief star dimmed. Time has slowed, and the rivals watch the shadow of the city shatter like black glass. The shockwave will be felt soon. The wind picks up. There is no Tomorrow. Only the few moments of Today remains.

Joel and Tyson look at each other. Quietly absorbing what has happened to the world around them and between them. They race to their car. Slamming doors. Starting engines to a roar. A lane to each of them, no one is leaving the city anyway. A cloud of storming debris is absorbing its ruined shape. Engines gunning in neutral, Tyson and Joel give each other one last eye. The world has become too small for the both of them now. Better dead than alone together. Kick it into Gear. Pedal to the Metal. Punch it. Tyres screech and scream, Rubber burns and tarmac flies. En-Too-Oh burns bright blue. Engines roar to life. The Archangel and Beast buck and kick and speed down the road. Faster and faster, Tyson and Joel head towards the shockwave. Gears are upped as both Beast and Archangel are pushed their limits they were engineered for. It is crystal clear to them now. They raced for the money. They raced for the glory. They raced for the same woman. Now they race towards their own annihilation. First one to the Apocalypse wins.

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