Excerpt – Speed Limit

We were told, when we were kids, that Heaven were nothing more than a vast, endless meadow of lush white fairy-floss. Of course, when you are old, you just have to smoke, swallow, toke, inhale, inject, imbed, squirt, snort, crush, imbibe, grind, chew and rub the right thing into your body in order to come close to visiting this Paradise.

There is a great difference between children and adults in this World that We Live in. As a child, you have nothing but escape at your fingertips. No responsibilities, no consequences, no worries, no problems. As adults, even as teenagers, something is robbed from us when the hormones kick in and then it’s gone for good. We try to fill this void with something else, booze, pills, ploughed rows of white power, homegrown crystals or plantlife. For those with less interesting lives, we shovel in hours of worthless television, pointless hobbies, meaningless choirs and boring sex. There are only two fates on this sad world. You can live fast, die young and leave a lot of wreckage behind, or survive, grow old until the cynicism, vitriol and fast food condense into a tumour and choke the life from you in a very undignified way.

They say the universe has a speed limit and that is the Speed of Light. Human Beings also possess such a limit. But it’s only four days. Because when you go beyond that you will crash and leave a very interesting photo opportunity.

Right now, the closest I’m getting to heaven is Rich’s lush carpet. Pure cocaine white, cottony-soft and full, like cumulus. Nested everywhere in the ripples and folds of this cloudy pile are pills, of all shapes and colours, flavours and effects. And at this very moment, I am learning, that like people, not all pills go well with each other.

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