Earth Eaters

A former editor continues to send me material. Amongst usual flotsam of pornography and random photos and story snippets, I received an album from a group called Monster Zoku Onsomb!. The last time I heard anything from these people were at a live show at the Globe theatre, an underground cinema with retro feel, a bar of cheap beer and a minimal number of fire escapes. Back then it was the launch of their debut album, Attack!. I often wondered when another album would crop up. So I was surprised to find, buried beneath ransom notes and pre-Twentieth Century erotica, MZO’s latest album, Earth Eaters.

Monster Zoku Onsomb is one of those oddball things you find difficult to classify. And its defiance to be pigeonholed is its charm. I guess “bizarre” best describes them. I have a keen taste for the bizarre. After all, strange desert racers, go-go dancing killers in cat suits, communist aliens that desire the prettiest of the capitalist ivy-league virgins and Chambre d’Cauchmars are the things I look out for. So Earth Eaters is a ride of smooth electronics, keen beats, rolling bass and strange taste. This has a tighter feel than their previous album, but I do kind of miss the heavy mash-ups.

There are a few tracks that really stand out. Suicide Sine Wave starts out like surfing on a radioactive coastline, dotted with the Martian wreckage. Drag Stripper is a race across the salt-flats of a nuclear testing site. Earth Eaters has the base of a giant creature stamping its way across the metropolis. I don’t why I like Matterhorn Stab; maybe it’s the drums… Xylophobia is a soundtrack to some classic Halloween cartoon. Team Siouxsie is an excellent wrap up for the CD, like when the credits roll in some smoke-filled matinee and your finishing your last highball. So when you wrangle a copy, stick it in your player, mix up a cocktail, kick back and enjoy the ride.

I also recommend seeing their live shows as well. They’re all pretty lively events, with blood, confetti, lasers, smoke, trampolines, and tequila. My former editor claims now they are now performing 3D live shows, which tells me they finally escaped the perils of Flatland. And this is excellent news.

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