Here’s a quick cap to what I am listening to at this very moment.

Venetian SnaresFilth

Yet to be released in the Antipodes, Aaron Funk’s latest release is full of dirty beat, grimy glitches and rusty sawtooth synth. As usual each Venetian Snares album is a little different from the previous, with some similar veins from his previous album, Detrementlist. And a theme that makes me wonder how much porn he’s been watching lately. I mean the titles of the songs include “Deep Dicking”, “Chainsaw Fellatio”, “Splooj Guzzlers” and “Pussy Skull”. Despite this, all of the tracks are very listenable. Though keep it away from your kids. You don’t them turning into weirdos. Right?


On a totally different end of the spectrum, the smooth guitar and synth workings of a Brooklyn duo are played out in this album. Only listened to it a couple of times, but a number of the items are pretty catchy, particularly Mirando. If you check out their webpage, you can see the music videos they made. Kinda weird and freaky. This weekend I’m going to see what they are like live. Should be entertaining. If you’re a fan of Pivot, Boards of Canada, Chrystal Castles or Ladytron, should also find this entertaining.

AfrirampoUrusa in Japan

This weird J-Girl punk duo that hails from Osaka, along with their blood-siblings Acid Mother’s Temple and The Boredoms, made this album back in 2005. And what a gem it is. It’s raw, random and energetic. Just about every thing that Afrirampo do feels like a jam session (the same charm that the Acid Mothers Temple have). In this album they revisit some old singles and give them a re-record. Normally, I oppose this (finger pointing at you Wolfmother) but in this case, some of the tracks are tighter and without the static hiss. Expect a lot of two girls screaming into the mics. The best parts of the album are two tracks, Thunder and In The Space Night. If you really enjoy this one move on their stranger album Kore Ga Mayaku Da.

The DronesGala Mill

Having seen them live last week, I’ve just been listening to their Gala Mill album, all recorded in some backwater farm in the Antipodean Deep South. They make a really energetic live show. At the bar where I saw them play, they proved to be too much for the sound system. Everything blew out and turned black right at the last second when they wound up “Nail It Down”. For me “Jezebel” and “I Don’t Want To Ever Change” really stand out for me. But I guess that’s because I’m more partial to their first album, Here Come The Lies. Still the Drones are truly underrated and any chance you have to seem them, go and do it.

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