Update for July

Well it’s been a month since my last update and I needed to explain some things as for the lack of updates and what was happening in the background.

I have been looking for a new job, since the joy was completely sucked out by a series of vampires management hired to boost morale. Unfortunately, these so-called children of the night have fed of my colleagues, and me, to continue their own damned, undead existence. There have been some difficulties in removing the parasites from their jobs as they managed to keep the HR department in their constant thrall with the promise of immortality and eternal beauty.

I may be transferred within the company away from the vampires, but there is no promise of this. I was told that cultists keep management in fear of more impending economic and financial doom. This has resulted in several rounds of redundancies and wicker men being built. The cultists claim that such sacrifices will be a greater benefit to the company. I do not believe this to be true.

So as a side thing, I needed a distraction and right now I have a photographer that pursues me like a bloodhound for website work. It’s modest stuff, but it gives me extra cash. And I need it. I was hit hard on the maintenance side of things, with equipment giving up the very spirits that I spent enslaving to work for me. I saw ghosts leave my laptop battery and something I cannot name rapidly aged the power supply. It cost me some good livestock to replenish these items, because the shaman wouldn’t just accept mushrooms, or precious beads.

Likewise, I needed some new eyes. And this was difficult at best. Especially, after hunting down the right person who had the same colour (off-grey) and then the delicate operation of removing them. I could never find the right tool. Ice cream scoop – too big, melon baller – too small. I just could not win.

I also got really bored, lonely and sad.

So to distract me overcome my issues, I decided to take on other projects, where hopefully I meet new people and create something others may enjoy. If we are all lucky, updates will be posted in due course.

Lastly, I am still writing Magpie, in case anyone was hanging out for it. I want to finish this story right, so I am going to complete it, edit and arrange it in the right order and then post it on a weekly basis. Hopefully. I’ll ask a magic 8-Ball about this while incanting the right words to check my course.

Thanks for keeping a silent vigil however, the few of you there are left.



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