All Hail the New Site

After a couple of weeks doing this in my spare time – I finally managed to get this thing running.  First was finding a suitable theme.  Then working out how the images loaded.  Then figuring out the css of the theme, was really lazy, and then editing (read: hacking and slashing) the hell out of it to make it look the way I wanted.  Then my isp won’t read the URL of the site or something.  I accidentally wiped the database.  Well it wasn’t an accident.  It was totally deliberate, but I was nervous, and tired and maybe a little drunk. I hassled the hell out of my web service providers about why the hell I couldn’t see my own damn thing when the rest of the internet seemed to be fine…

Anyway, I’m back and I plan to do more blogging and more writing.  Also for those who have been asking me: Yes, Magpie is nearly finished.  I’m up to a critical moment and I want it to be right.  It’s difficult.  This site is nearly finished, there will be some tweaks and maybe some bugs that need to be fixed.  Namely some of the posts I pulled from the blogger site, which may not appear totally correct.  But they will be fixed in due course.

Enjoy and it’s good to be back.

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