Links of Interest

I had the day off and decided to upload some artist I found.


I found this site out of pure chance. The whole thing has hundreds of illustrations. I’m only just cracking the surface. His pictures have a classic air to them. From what I have seen, Matthew captures the cold, the hollow, the desperate and the empty.


Erik Jones paints and draws women like no other. I still quietly wait, with heavily baited breath for his She Kills T-Shirts to hit the market.

Kris Kuksi –

If Hieronymus Bosch was playing with plastic figures today, he would be envious of Kuksi’s work. His surreal dioramas are populated by nightmarish amalgamations of bone and wheel, flesh and steel, demiurge and demon. I didn’t know he painted either. Something I will have to check out later.

Good Night.

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