Drumloop – AOTKD

A buddy of mine, who goes under the moniker of Drumloop, recently put together a mix and I’d like to share it with you. He’s a bit of a Drum and Bass freak, so if that’s you thing, then you’re in luck.

You can acquire this mix here. Enjoy.

Also, here is the playlist of the tracks featured

Urban Assault  – Red Raider (Original Mix)
D Kay and Rawfull –  Sequential Circuit
Dejaru –  Virtual
Oak –  Tsunami
Calibre  –  Jackoff
Loudy –  Get To Know Me
Logistics –  Murderation
Craggz & Parallel Forces –  Shake The Disease
Spectrasoul  –  Organiser (Original Mix)
Lemonde –  Dead By Dawn
Channel 2 & Goldstar –  Kingston Town ft. Alberosie
DJ Fresh  –  Heavyweight
Tom and Jerry –  Maximum Style Vol 2 (DJ Vapour Remix)
D Kay and Lee  –  Tuning VIP
Break –  Let It Happen VIP
Survival  –  Sky
Commix & Rufige Kru –  Envious
Rico and Scoop  –  Gimmie A Beat (Original Mix)
Hype, J Majik & Wickaman –  Look to the Future (TC Remix)
Channel 2 & Goldstar –  Must Come A Road
Distorted Minds  –  Old Times
Kiat –  Slavecodes
Prolix –  Hold Back
James Bass –  Kill Your Killer
Camo and Krooked –  Dakota
Marcus Visionary –  Sound War (ft. Bunny General)
Aphrodite & Mickey Finn –  Bad Ass
Soul Intent –  Future Funk
Ewun –  Screw Up (The Upbeats Rmx)
Imprintz & Dilemn –  Questions (Original Mix)
Phantasy ft. UK Apache –  Gimme Da Gal (Vocal Mix)
Loud Sound –  Shiver
Spor –  Some Other Funk
Diode –  Antimatter
VTech  –  Let The B*tch Breathe (VIP)
CentaSpike  –  Killing Contract

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