Brisbane Zombie Walk Photos

So here are the choice photos I took at the Brisbane Zombie Walk.

Some notes:
#10 – This guy looked so convincing I thought he was just on ice and not really part of the walk.
#11 – The Esteemed Dr Jerm as Chuck Manson. Next I’m hoping Rasputin, or the guy from the cover the Jethro Tull Aqualung album.
#13 – Maddi and Lou – zombie du jour.
#16 – Yes that’s a book lodged in her skull. If you can’t make out the title, it says, “The Librarian That Knew Too Much”.
#17 – Ignore the man with the plastic hairdo, that’s a decoy. Waldo is in this picture somewhere, but can you find the wizard?
#18 – Yes. I’m pretty sure that’s real entrails.


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