Shadow of the Week

In the shadow of my week, I find myself with a migraine smashing its way into my brain by way of my eye socket. Welcome to the Vampire Hours. I should be out enjoying the atmosphere of another Bite Sized Beats down on the south side of town. But it’s not going to happen. Nor are the photos I wanted to take tonight. I’ve felt off all day, and after taking a nap I felt worse. And I hate taking naps, it’s the total loss of time so I’m not sure if an hour has passed or twelve or twenty-four. I have ordered a bike that I won’t see until the end of the week, likewise with an effects pedal I bought. Stuff I forgot about arrived, while other things I wanted still drift in some kind of limbo. There is a website I’m trying to develop and for some reason, I can’t access it through my ISP… I still don’t know why this is.

Despite all of this, my new job is cool, filled with work that actually seems it might be accomplishing something; free of the steel-spring, destructive tension of the Help Desk. The people of this team get along fine. And I seem to fit in for the meantime. I work in a heavily fortified location, guarded by massive gates, more CCTV than metro London and security staff hired for their resemblance to junkyard dogs. The plus side of all of this: the parking is very free and it’s close to home. I have access to a large room with a domed ceiling, filled with giant closets that hum in a monotone that seems almost reverent.

To add to this I have learned that some people that I thought gone have returned to work, one way or another and its good to see familiar faces.

So I guess when Monday morning comes around, I’m going to look forward to going to work instead of dreading it.

Good Night.

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