Bizoo at Eidecan

Right as we speak…my esteemed friend Dr Jerm is enthralling the young men with his Von Luckner-like tales of adventure and giving many young women the vapours with his machismo. This is all in aid of delivering the preview of the final Bizoo issue: The Best, the Worst and the Trash That Never Made It Collection.

Bizoo was a zine dedicated to Music, Art and the general local scene around my elephant’s graveyard of a hometown. it ran for five years, before going on a loooong-term hiatus. Now work has begun on the final issue ever.

So he’s at Eidecan to promote this. If you have managed to drop by, give him a hello and ask about his eye and their connection to stiletto-wielding strippers from Portland.

In light of all of this, Dr Jerm had a form set up for the public to tell their crazy Bizoo-related story. And this was one of the first emails to come through:


One time Dr Jerm kicked me in the ball. We were both really drunk, but it
still really hurt. It left a bruise that was the same colour as Grape Hubba
Bubba. Remember that? I wonder if they still make it. Some times it hurts
and I wonder if Dr Jerm is thinking about me…

Ah, that old school weird is back.

P.S. Keep your eye on the Bizoo site. I’m told that it should be changing. Also there should be a PDF of the preview issue available for download in the next couple of days.

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