Back at the Elephants’ Graveyard

Well, I’m back in the elephant’s graveyard. It was hot outside, but the wind of a storm has picked up, whipping a massive bank of cloud up the mountainside and over this town. I hope Thor’s blessing is with this one. I want to see some blackouts tonight.

Back here after two months since my last visit, well not much has changed. But not much ever does here. I am here in part that my parents threatened to shanghai me, if I didn’t come of my own volition. Probably something involving being paralyzed with Ketamine and then delivered by men of questionable backgrounds. I figured flying would less hassle, but I don’t travel well. Especially around Christmas time. It’s really a matter of people. Not only at the airport or on the plane, or in the malls and stores out in droves to buy that last final piece of Christmas cheer, but also at home.

Apparently, my family arranged some shindig that involves several relatives I haven’t seen in a while. Not that I have anything against kin visiting, except that I really don’t know them. The last time I feel like I had any talk with them was about a couple of years ago. And the last Christmas I spent with them was when Transformers and He-Man was still on the television. Ah I can hear the strains of thunder in the distance…

So I really don’t know what to expect and I’m hoping that I won’t have to suffer through too many questions. I’m use to my ends of the year being quiet and brief. I hate summer and dislike receiving gifts. I’ve disappointed by people’s attitudes, even my own, at this time of year. So I plan for my week here in the graveyard to roll through and end. Though somehow I doubt this will happen. There are too many ghosts here. Welcome to the Vampire Hours.

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