2 A.M.

Well it’s two a.m. This is pretty much the only time I can think straight in summer. It’s cooled down enough and my neurons can begin firing again. I have just driven back from friend’s place in a world of empty streets and eerie lights shining on vacant buildings. This is probably the one of the few moments that I actually do not feel alone in the world. Here, racing in the night, the high velocity wind blowing in and The Drones, pounding through distorted speakers. This is my moment of zen.

One of my friends is leaving town and I’m still mixed about it. My job is awesome, but somehow I feel unsatisfied when I get home. And I feel that the circles I ran in become smaller or further away. Hmmm

Earlier someone offered to pick up some film for me and then I didn’t hear back from him for the rest of the week. I shot a message across wondering about them and got the reply of “no”. Later the same someone sent me a message that just said, “It was all in a fridge there at teds though they had the stuff but it looked expensive so I left it”. I called the place later in the day and found the price to be around twenty lucre. I hate receiving nonsense answers, it’s really tantamount to a filthy lie.

Other people have rocked up out of the blue to get a hold of me, especially since I was unsure whether they were talking to me at all anymore. There’s a convention on later and I don’t really have any inclination to go, sure it’s a gaming con (board, not video) and I’m into that, but the crowds and the heat will just get to me. I cannot wait for winter.

That’s it. I’m too tired. My head’s wandering too much and now that I think about it, I’m surprised I have survived with the way I drive tonight. Time to sleep. And dream of deadly diseases.

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