Usual Late Night Posting

I’m looking at some porn and find myself engrossed in lighting and composition of the photography. This is different to the usual par for the course when it comes this kind of media, where I’m just looking to get a fix of endorphins among other chemicals. Then something else suddenly clicks. I go back to a previous photo and see a mole on the inside of the model’s buttock. “Hmm maybe she should get that checked out.” I say to myself. If your going to spend all day in the sun, naked, posing for the invisible mass of nudity aficionados, you need get these things checked by doctor. last thing you want to hear is that your going to get killed because of a melanoma on your ass.

I have a powerful need to go on road trip. If such an opportunity would arise, I would do it with someone I just met and chances are, I would choose wine country as the destination. I guess this is all on the coattails of friends hitting the road and returning from overseas. Work’s gotten a little dull, but considering that I manoeuvred myself off my medication and keeping things together, I would call that a win. Besides I didn’t want it to become a crutch, even at its small dosage.

But I guess what I would like would be something of an adventure. And I think it would be a good adventure speeding down a highway with an acquaintance I just met. You can learn a lot by a person by the way they handle themselves over a road trip. The choice of music, the winding conversations along snaking roads, the shared opinions watching other people, all essential in the judgment of another’s character.

Though it looks like things are coming up on the horizon and over the dashboard, they still seem far away.

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