And We’re Back

Things have been a bit slow on the Desk of Doom. I spent all day yesterday driving across town to various book stores searching for a hardcover copy of Gray’s Anatomy. I’ve also managed to fail looking at some French art, only because the line to get the to French was so long enough to make me consider taking up a life of crime and actually stealing the art.

I finally decided to pick up the first issue of Captain Swing and the Electric Pirates of Cindery Island. What a mouthful. It looks really good. But the problem with Warren Ellis miniseries is that by the end of the series, the ball is rolling hard and fast, you want to see more but you can’t because that accursed author has run off on another tangent and will probably be writing about the yet horror-future we are all yet to face.

I made a cosmetic change to the site. During the week site site went down a couple of times, but things seemed to work themselves out. Except now parts of wordpress on the admin side aren’t displaying properly. So I guess I just wait on word back from the wordpress developers.

Anyway, I have to go and put out a fire now.

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