This Weekend

Well it’s about 2 am again and my weekend is something of a half-write off. I managed to get a script finished but not much else. And for the last three days I have been cooped up inside the house. I really only have myself to blame for this. I really didn’t check in with people to see what they were up to over the weekend. Public holidays have that effect on me. Considering the substantial sum I’ve paid to keep my car on the road for another year, I really don’t have the money to spend to get away quite yet.

The fact that my thoughts have been running like treacle doesn’t help either and the writing grinds to a near halt while I painfully detail out a comic book script breaking all of the speech into panels so everything it slightly better described and laid out. I sent another unfinished manuscript out to a friend who said this in return:

Ve: YOU!
me: yeah…
Ve: If you don’t get something published and in a bookstore in the next few years I will personally give you a motivational stabbing. I GUARANTEE IT.

I’m not sure if I should feel scared.

Earlier tonight, or late yesterday now, I decided to go out and take a couple of photos of the city at night. Mostly because I prefer this as most people do not want to hang around once all of the bars, pubs and dance places close down. The city itself empties out, leaving a brightly lit ghost town.

Either way, I’m fighting time and a battery that is fast becoming flat. Welcome to the Ever-Loving Vampire Hours.

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