Care Package

I’ve started this mailing thing with Dr Jerm for a while now. I find something and send it to him; and then he sends me something back. I’m planning on expanding this to other people out of town, namely because the art of letter writing and parcels is dead in this day of email and torrents. Sure you can tell someone about a cool album and point them in the direction on piratebay (or whatever is the *new* torrent site these days) through a facebook update. Or you can come home one day and find a package from someone you know, who found something and thought of you.

I know which one I prefer.

This I received the Monday, but didn’t find the time to talk about it until now. The parcel included a road trip zine from Elmo, a postcard of Jerm’s new zine/book/publication, Whenever I See A Bearded Hobo On The Street, I’ll Think Of You And Smile, two poster cards of about Feminism (I think) and some Jerm-styled stencil art.


I’ve already read through the zine and it was pretty cool, like a tiny little Tijuana Bible, except instead of tits it involved mostly beer and screaming. It’s all travel notes about a road trip shared between three people as they head to the Mudgee Brewery.

I’m already thinking of what to send back to him…

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