Friday Night

Yesterday, I had something of a win. Well two. One was this:

This comic represents the end of ten years collecting the issues of Planetary. This highly elusive issue I couldn’t find last time I made the effort of looking for it. I’m sure some collector out there would charge a bundle for it.

I bought it for a lucre. And that’s an Antipodean lucre, mind.

I also bought this:
This appears to be mint, the record looks undamaged and unscratched. It’s from 1976. I bought it for three lucre.

I also picked up Pink Floyd, the Original Star Wars soundtrack, Bartok String Quartet Concertos, Elgar Cello Concerto, and two versions of The Planets. And this is all thanks to a recent book fair and an extended lunch. Either way, last night I chilled to some old tracks.

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