Plans Disrupted

My plans for an evening alone have been disturbed. The housemate has invited several people around that are playing games in the background. I really don’t have much to do with them and so I am patiently waiting for enough time to pass for them to leave and leave me to work on my own.

I had planned several things tonight. For one, becoming involved in the postcard project for Dr Jerm’s upcoming zine/book/printed material. Another was to work on a noise-making project. I like to do this alone so that I don’t offend anyone else’s sense while I fuck sounds to death. Thirdly was to write, but some sadist editor said something that he would explain to me tomorrow. Something wrong with my writing…

And I cannot plot criminal and unspeakable things unless it is dark and there’s a bottle of something alcoholic in my clutches.

I was listening to Crystal Castles earlier, but I found myself drifting on Bartok’s Miraculous Mandarin. This is good plotting music. I would be enjoying it more if there were no lights to help me imagine death traps.

Anyway I’m going to find something to do.

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