Roller Derbying

Went to the Roller Derby tonight on the south end of the city with a friend of mine. Pretty decent turn out tonight. There were plenty of spills, but nothing that crossed over into the suicide alley of front row spectators. In this city, there’s only two teams as far as I am aware. The Black & Blue Belles and the Surly Griffins. The BBB’s were victorious this time around with a score of 132 against 121. Some of them, I don’t have names at the moment, were so damn fast, you’d blink and they had already made it through the pack. I took more than two hundred photos, but I’m not really happy with any of them. Maybe that’s the booze and the bad mood I’m in at the moment.

Here is one photo. I may upload more later. BUT next time: I will pick a better location.

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