Monday Night

My Weekend was a bit of a bust, despite going to the Roller Derby. None of the photos turned out that well, and really I don’t want to look at them. I also didn’t partake in my experiment. I came home after looking for new shoes (my favourites were destroyed and I have no fucking idea how) only to find my housemate had filled it with his friends. My peace was disturbed and my mood turned sour. He had filled it with his friends over the previous two nights. I was fortunate enough to miss out on Saturday, due to the Roller Derby, but still.

I need to invite some people around to my place. I’m sick of being the goblin-like creature sitting in the corner or retreating to my room when there are guests.

I’m too bummed and tired to write anything meaningful. My comic hangs in fucking limbo. I can’t really focus on anything at the moment.

I’m tired


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