It’s The Weekend

Things are either slowly picking up or coming to a close. Two websites are almost done and everything relies on the feedback of others to see where to proceed. Pays to be patient.

The comic I have been writing might have an artist soon, meaning that I have to collaborate. I’ve never been good with that to be perfectly honest. Happy to take people’s requests, but when it comes to giving them, I become a dick. It’s this whole – “I have this vision” shit – that usually gets in the way. Kubrick liked to collaborate, normally when it involved grinding everyone else under his will to achieve perfection. I guess this is why Kubrick liked R. Lee Ermey. The ex-marine drill sergeant was as tough as nails, and I’m certain Kubrick recognised it. He was one of the few people that Kubrick would give leeway when it came to lines and direction. Everyone else was hammered by the bastard.

One cool thing I came across is this – Eldritch – which recently won top ranking in a competition. Their prize: grant monies to finish it. Hm. Something worth investigating.

Last night, went out for some drinks with a friend who dropped into town. Good times

Anyway, I’m awake now back to work.

Here is a photo I took on a previous bike ride.

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