Masterchef continues to leak through my headphones despite my attempts to ignore it. I have a set of Techniques and somehow the annoying contestants manage to make it through over the music I’m playing. Right now I’m listening to some that people classify as ‘math rock’. Never been one to classify music except in two boxes, stuff I thought was cool, and, stuff I though was shit.

Among things that I like, I finally managed to go down to the post office and pick up my copy of the Special Edition of Jonsi’s new solo album.

I’ve already listened to the whole album now, since they offered a download with the purchase. Pretty good, but I’m still wondering when the new Sigur Ros album is coming out.

Not much in the writing department tonight. Still ironing out episodes/issues for the series.

Saw this earlier.

This monstrosity is by Dan D. Evans of My Art Shame
Looks like another project for Robert Rodriguez. Something after Machete.


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