No Photos

Recently I saw the roller derby finals on Saturday night. Sadly around this time Adobe Photoshop stopped working for me. I currently own a subscription copy of Adobe CS4 Premium. And i pay a chunk of my wages for it.

So you would think that when I am a paying customer, I would receive the correct information.

Well, no. The serial key they provided me was bogus. So I have to wait another day for my software to possibly become useful again. (This is doubly frustrating because I was never given a serial key when i originally bought the box.

I have thought about using Gimp. But unfortunately Gimp on a Mac is clunky and never works well for me. I’m going to try out a work around tomorrow at work while I call a number that may help me or frustrate me further.

I can see that being a pirate, despite the risks, would feel so much sexier about now.

I have currently traded writing stories for looking at naked people tonight.


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