Zine Review

Last week I picked up a number of zines from the Zine Fair. Of course, I got sick and for some bizarre reason I still went to work. On Friday, I went offline to go through some of the zines I purchased from the fair.


Beef Knuckles is a zine series by three guys, Rob, Bryn and Hon, each of them (among others) contributing stories, poetry, interviews and illustrations. – Beefknuckles.wordpress.com

We Are Not Obscene compiled by Stella rae Zelnik is a mix of a few stories and a stack of photos in dense black and white and every grey in between. – heaintgotnofriends.tumblr.com

Franked by Andrew Galan and Paul Summerfield is a harsh dark cut-up poetry storybook. Andrew wrote the words, Paul drew the pictures and apparently a third unknown party rearranged everything in the order that I read it. Strange stuff. – zineempire[at]gmail[dot]com

Heart Question Mark by Kat Soph who makes zines about the things that she loves and does, namely giraffes, cats, and the sex industry.

Mugeenation by Elouise Q – This was sent to me a couple of months back and not part of the zine fair. Still I included in the photos. It’s basically travel notes for a road trip into the back woods of the Antipodes. Interesting stuff. –

I enjoyed each of these immensely. You should contact them and give them some money for their works.

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