Well this week has finally come to a close. After two weeks of spending most of my time in a storage vault, it’s good to be above ground and with people that talk to each other. This is to say that most of the conversation I heard throughout my time underground was co-workers names manically yelled and screeched at each other. Being in that vault has made me lose the days in this week too.

However, when I resurfaced I learned that some of my buddies from my hometown want to shoot a film for a local competition. Apparently, the competition is called Origin8 – link is here but the Empire Theatre’s website is strangely broken. Also the competition seems to like the number 8, to the point that the organisers want to violently make love to it. The thing is these buddies of mine want to use a script that I wrote many years ago. Which is flattering in the least, but it was a decent script I believe. So I’m looking forward how they interpret the whole thing and how far it rises against the other entries.

Other than that I have finished one comic book script to my satisfaction and halfway through another. And I’ve started drawing again, but at this moment none of my art will appear online. Busy weekend up ahead too, mostly meeting up with people, drinking imported beers and watching Swedish and Korean vampire movies – because they contain no reptiles that Hollywood attempts to pass off as teenagers.


Photo is from – by timobalk.

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