Volcano Sacrifices

The weekend is almost here. Which is good for me because I no longer have to be the guy who has to toss hundreds of virgins into the mouth of a hungry and very belligerent volcano god. But before I go on let me explain. I work in an IT dungeon. In the server room there is a massive tape library that as part of a huge system to backup customer data. We measure the amount of data that passes through this system in petabytes to give you an idea of the scale (of course for those who work in the industry that’s pretty normal for certain organisations). The library can store thousands of tapes and possess robots that work with frightening efficiency and a strange harmony. It uses anywhere between sixty and a hundred tapes on a daily basis. The guy who would normally do this is away, it fell on me to tend to this volcano again. Because it use to be my job. With this fellow returning next week I can resume and hopefully complete the underground work I was doing along with new things such as actually managing backups and setting up media servers and such. So I guess I’ll be a storage witchdoctor of sorts.

This week at work, we have two people leaving the department with more moving onto other things. So things will be interesting as Chinois curses go.

polaroid thumb is from here

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