This week has been a frustrating affair. I have been updating a friend’s website and wordpress continues failing to work. For some reason after updating automatically and manually the wordpress engine, several times, the site would still not work properly. The administration panel would bug out on me. As in it would display, and then it would disappear, like a freaking magic act.

I have already updated two other site, but this one still eludes me. So what I have resorted to installing the whole thing from scratch and rebuilding it. The first hurdle I’ve come across is that this refuses to upload media, claiming it cannot create a folder despite the fact that it has the correct permissions (and the other two sites work fine with the same permissions).

To add to this, work is dragging along as I am trapped in the purgatory between jobs, of tape management, a media audit and learning new backup admin junk. I get jobs that really are not really the team’s responsibility and at least my responsibility.

Tomorrow I have to return to the underground vault. Briefly. All I want to do is go in see the tapes I need and get out. Hopefully I will have the time to look up three things, import beer, pricing some Nerf guns for office-related hijinks and sorting out my passport.


thumbnail is from the Colbert Report, I pulled the image from here

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