Really, busy yesterday. And over the weekend. Basically, spent the entirety of Sunday hanging out with a friend, Em. The National Gallery had finally peeled away some of the temporary fences that concealed it’s renovations (at least one of them). At first glance it looked like an art bunker of some kind. A place that key gallery staff could possibly scurry away into and hide when the [insert art movement] apocalypse hits. Of course, being part of the art world, the bunker is not practical in shielding you from the fallout.

On the outside it looks like one structure, but really its two. The stone dome on the outside is really a brick silo of sorts, set in the middle of a cube of flowing water. Inside the silo it’s warm, the hole in the roof and the white wall, taking in a reflecting the sun’s heat. This keeps the inside of the silo warm. Inside the main structure all of the stones are strangely cool, including those that have direct sunlight on them.

Also showed Em a garden that is hidden in the art gallery, somewhere. You’ll just have to find it. Also the ball that usually hangs in between the gallery and the high court has been taken down, for cleaning or repairs.

Anyway I have to get back to packing. More on that later.

(I also apologise for the quality of the photos, i didn’t pay attention to the settings and I had the wrong white balance. I’ve attempted to fix some in post, but it’s not as good, being thorough the first time around.)

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