Papercuts Collective Exhibition

It’s late right now. Witching hours. The Papercuts Collective Exhibition and Zine Launch went off with a smash drawing a significant crowd. I helped out sticking things on walls and minding a merch table of zines on the opening night. Music by the Hobo DJs was okay. The opening speech made by Steve Townsen congratulating the efforts of the Collective. While all this is happening, I am trying to teach Elmo little bits and pieces of HTML, keeping track of Matt Limmer’s zine money and taking the odd photos of the gallery and the punters who came on opening night.

When it was all over, Jeremy, Elmo and I realised that we had indeed missed a meal. That terrible twosome were up for some fabled felafel kebabs that are produced from a Lebanese take away in West End. We rode Shank’s Pony across the river and through a sleepy city towards the takeout, only to find out that all the felafel was gone. Instead the guy, who claimed to stay open only for our benefit. He made up some kebabs from what he had leftover which include some vege ball whose name currently escapes me. Then back across West End and through South Bank we trawled past dive bars and small locals looking for a place that would sell us a couple of beers. Eventually we found one out near the river and then went downstream to drink them reflecting on the myriad of events of the day, as the washes from the ferries and citycats lapped on the riverbank.

We eventually made it back to Jeremy’s place, to show Elmo some episodes of Green Porno. It’s a strange and hilarious show, mostly strung together by Isabella Rossellini. Go youtube it.

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