Well I’m back home now. It was a really good week. I was busy helping out with an art exhibition, got to see my family, and generally break from my routine.

Over the week, Jeremy put me up in his place. Part of it looked like this. And when I say part I mean about thirty-three percent.


The cat in the picture teabagged my iPod. Jeremy was also nice enough to give me a gift bag of things from Japan and an advance on my birthday in the form of a Russ Meyer biography. I look forward to reading that.

Went back to work and had to move offices. My problem with this is that moving out of the data centre is really the final nail in something of an era for me. No more escaping to the calm white tiled floors of the server room. No more hearing the dense sound of hundred of machines all running at once into a weird white noise. No more strange solitude. I’ll be in an office surrounded by people most of the time. Hm. This doesn’t bother me that much, I guess, but still I’ll miss it.

Looking forward to catching up with some friends soon.

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