Some things are not meant to be. Yet. My birthday was on Friday. All went fairly well. Spent a day with a friend, Em, taking photos of graffiti as per the weird tradition I do every birthday now. I did take a lot of photos, but a great chunk of them were long murals. So I needed to stitch them together, sadly, I no longer possess a copy of Photoshop since Adobe last screwed me over.

So during the weekend I was at a friend’s place and I used his computer to start sewing pictures together into fished-eyed panos. All this went well, I even decided to run batch on all of the photos to convert all of my raw photos into jpegs. Then we decided to play some Call of Duty for a while. When I felt that the processing was done, I decided to switch back to the computer to see how things went.

I was greeted by a blue screen. All of my work for the evening is lost in the steel confines of a dead harddrive. So there will be no photos yet.

I have more zine reviews in the works among other things, but the day at work was busy and I feel a bit out of sorts at the moment.

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