Flight Mode

In about two days I will be in a different country. I am headed to Japan for a holiday and right now I scrambling to get the last few loose ends, at work and home, that need tying before I hop on jet.

I did buy a stack of zines from the fair the other day. I really wish I could read all of these:

But it’s just not going to happen, writing documentation, packing, cleaning and dealing with the thing in the cupboard has pretty taken all of my time. So the reviews and plugs will have to wait until I come back.

I’ve pretty much finished packing, some clothes are still on the line that I want to take. I’m taking two cameras, one of which the birthday gift I previously mentioned, it began working again. Also taking a couple of art supplies in case I decide just to sit somewhere scenic and draw away. This is probably the lightest I’ve packed in a long time, considering it will be probably the longest trip I’ll be taking for a while. But I need the room in the case for momentos and gifts which must make it back.

Gotten a heap of tips from people who have been before, which is good. I recently recieved a list of people I can attempt to meet up with while I’m over there. So I thank Staples for that one.

Anyway, I’m going to get some sleep. Night.

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