In Transit

Okay so my flight has been delayed, which means I’ve thought on my feet, cancelled one hotel and booked another. So hopefully things should work out.

The reason for the flight being delayed is unknown at this point, but instead of jetting off at around 1pm its now 3. I hope that John McClane was somehow involved, because I see that as the ONLY reasonable excuse for a delayed flight.

Anyway, going to check on the status of things, be back later.

It’s 2am local time. I am in Osaka, but sitting down makes me feel like I’m still on the plane. Mostly because of the turbulence of the flight, made the entire trip feel like you were lying in a cradle gently being rocked by someone undergoing an epileptic seizure. The airline I went with has a few things to answer for, considering that I am about 4 hours late for my hotel. Which is the second hotel I had to book. The first I had to cancel because I just wasn’t going to make it on time.

However, I have managed to rely on the kindness of others. A man from the flight, Steven, helped me out with some info regarding leaving the airport which bus to take. The airline arranged them so that we could get through the city after the trains had shut down for the day. Along the way we discussed things to see while in Japan and how he was going to wing it at a conference tomorrow, because he still hadn’t written anything for the presentation he was to deliver.

Osaka looks pretty nice at night, even on a Sunday night, people are still out. But I guess this is Japan. Things already look surreal with the neon lights and and massive buildings and expressways that rise out of the ground. But maybe I’m not quite used to massive cities. The people so far are pretty nice and appreciative.

Anyway, I’m really tired. I think I’ll sleep now. This is my hotel room, it’ small, but I’m getting a really good rate.

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