Taking a Break

Taking a short break and I found this television show on called “Dero!” The premise is that is basically a game show run by a character with a paper bag on his head who puts contestants into a room where they have to solve puzzles or be killed by the deathtrap in the room. Kind of like “Concentration” meets “Saw“.


The contestants seem to be celebrities of some description and they have great difficulty answering the questions. Only one room out of four was successfully escaped.


This room was not. The ceiling came down on two of these contestants.

I wish we had something like this in the Antipodes.

Dero is a production of NTV – link

One thought on “Taking a Break

  1. Question is who would you want in the room? Glad to see you’re getting around in Japan after our inauspicious start on JQ15. I got back to my hotel and fortunately found I could check in. Some unusual and striking shots on your web site. I’m now back in oz. The Osaka underground you talked about is one of my favourite places, some of the more deserted areas are almost sci fi.

    All the best


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