Last Notes from the Train Station

It’s been a week since I made any updates. Time to wrap this Japan business up. I’ve been back for a week, slowly re-adjusting to work and sleeping in my bed.

Here is something I wrote on the last day before taking the train to the airport:

“I’m early for my next train by about 40 minutes. Soon this adventure will be over. It all feel kind of surreal. Staying in Shinjuku was probably a bad move, but at least Harajuku turned out okay. I had an opportunity to meet an old-school graffiti artist, but there simply was not enough time. There is something on in about 5 months time, I plan on saving for another trip to an arts festival.

“It’s kind of sad that I am leaving Tokyo and Japan. I was just getting used to the place. I was used to watching television, dumbly, instead of feeling dumb for watching it. I will miss sumo matches and vending machines and toy stores and fast food that isn’t soaked in grease. I will miss big eyes and porcelain-pale skin. I’ll miss the beer and shochu. I’ll miss the courtesy and patients and decent manners. And I’ll miss the people I have met along the way. It’ll be weird getting back through that front door and going back to work. I’ll feel like I was never here or there.”

While I did originally intend for separate write-ups about the food, graffiti and vending machines, it’s not going to happen. I had to much of a holiday. Otherwise, enjoy the final photos from Japan for now. (Note the last one is not totally SFW)

One thought on “Last Notes from the Train Station

  1. Oh those amazing gyozas…
    I also miss Japan, it’s an uncanny feeling because i’m really glad to be at home with my family, but like you said on the other post, there’s simply too much of simple basic things that i’m missing.
    And yes, Tokyo can leave a person with mixed feelings, but i guess that it’s also addicting because i can’t imagine returning to Japan and not go to Tokyo.

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