Roller Derby Saturday

The roller derby bout between the Sydney Assassins and Canberra’s Vice City Rollers was something I was looking forward to for about a month. It was Lord of the Rink, Battle of the Two Towers and was held at the AIS in an actual arena, being a massive crowd and match to boot. Sadly, I was pegged to work on the weekend. I didn’t think it would be anything big until backup applications started to go down and at this point my weekend went tits up. Well mostly tits up. I managed to weasel my way out of work, in a way, pick up my Ve and Em from the city and then drive to the sports arena.

We were late-ish, but we still found decent seats in the suicide lane to enjoy front row carnage that would spill around the hard turn. I thought that Sydney were a shoe-in to win and I based this on the facts that: a) Sydney had more experienced players, b) they possibly has better refined tactics and; c) they would cheat. Plus they had a history of beating this town, despite the narrowing margin.

The whole match was filled with an exciting atmosphere of a huge crowd and two very serious teams. Each jammer would take her turns, pushing harder and faster around the track. Blockers were bouncing out, over and into the jammers and each other. Coaches screaming from the pit stop attempting to guide their teams to victory, while referees kept an eagle eye on the whole match.

The halftime show was a band called Cellblock 69, they were dressed like they were wearing the skins of the B52’s and played out a number of 80’s hits, which irked me more than anything. I would have preferred something harder that day considering the girl-on-girl violence whirling around the track.

Canberra had managed a decent lead at the start of the match, briefly lost it and then regained it, holding it until the end. The Sydney captain was sent off due to a long line of major penalties. This only further solidified the victory by Canberra of 153 points to Sydney’s 95. A really stunning win.

Now for some stunning pictures from Ve. His photostream is here.

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