There have been no posts, because things are really crazy right now. I returned to find work had piled up while I was gone and basically it was 5 people doing the work of at least 8. And this means we can only work on the necessary daily chores rather than work on the projects that will help us move ahead. I guess it’s the same everywhere.

The company I work for put out an all-point bulletin of sorts, telling us not to visit Wikileaks (or the growing multitude of mirror sites) on the basis that information contained this site/s will end up on company machines. And because the company is from the US, they obviously have to be on the defense if their government cracks down on who has that info. If indeed they can and will.

Monitoring a massive backup absorbed this weekend. And then the clients decided to roll some of it back making some of the work kinda pointless. Sunday would have been a nice day to go for a bike ride around the lake, but I was waiting on calls from project people to tell whether I was need or not. I wasted three hours to tell me that I could go home. So I was not impressed, considering I was up until half one in the morning setting up stuff for them they neglected to tell us at the start of the whole process. All the while I had guests at home waiting for me to give them a lift back to their respective homes. By the time I got back, I was too tired to drive and they were going to crash anyway because I was always waylaid at work.

Right now I’m trying to get gifts sorted for family and friends in relation to missed birthdays and for the end of the year. Because I am trying to save money and counter-Christmas, I have found some black paper that I left in my car for about a year. And I am using this as wrapping paper.


I’m usually pretty terrible at wrapping gifts, but I think I am slowly getting better this year. Though I still cannot get past the fact that all my presents look like coal. Hopefully, the recipients will appreciate what’s inside.

It’s midnight now, time to sleep.

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