Holiday Update

The Christmas holiday has been interesting. I made a roast dinner for a couple of friends who happened to be in town or had no other place to be and then ended up have a marathon of Californication’s third season.

I could say I haven’t received anything, but that would be something of a lie. My parents did post something down to me, but I didn’t get the post office in time to pick it up. Still have no idea what they have sent or thought what I might like.

The other thing: while most people are away during the Christmas break, I have to return to work to keep the machines run and prevent meltdowns. It’s a bummer, but I need to score the extra time off for when friend comes to visit from interstate and there’s mentions of bike rides and graffiti tours.

I really need to get back into the writing. Since coming back from Japan, I have been very slack. There’s plenty of ideas and thought-churning, but no actual work happening. And it makes my midnight hours annoying.

I recently saw Tron:Legacy. I would say that it’s the most violent Disney property out there. People (well, maybe they’re programs) get decapitated, arms and legs chopped off, cut in half, shot in the head, and so on. While it looks really glossy, there is not to much to the plot. Any chance of a plot twist is taken from the viewers’ enjoyment. There’s also the computer generated Jeff Bridges. Only one moment in the whole film which it felt that they pulled off a younger Jeff Bridges look. The rest of the time all I could think about of the rubber masks from Mission Impossible 2. Still its an okay movie.

Other than that, things are kind of boring, just waiting out the rest of the week and New Years. Then the fires just have to die down and the riots quelled and things will finally return to normal.

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