Flight Out

I may as well get writing while the whiskey begins to kick in. This afternoon, I stuck Jeremy on a plane back to his home up north. Its been an interesting and fun week while he was around to help out with the move. I took the time out to show him around the quiet yet distinct features of this town. And bike rides. Many, many bike rides. Sadly now this place feels a little empty and a while lot quieter. I got used to his antics.

I have practically zero plans with anybody for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is Antipodes Day. This means two things: Drunken Rioters in the Streets and Crews of Federalis there to contain and detain them. And while this violent tango goes on outside, I will be quietly working on several things, including a comic book and some notes that have been rattling around that they might turn into a novel. I also have a couple of thing to investigate, including a place that runs print production courses.

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