Saturday Finally

For the past couple of days I have been fighting a cold/infection in my ear or throat, while work has encroached on taking up more of my time. Plus my wellspring of internet dried up for most of the week.

Good thing is that I have managed some bike riding and pub time through the week, giving me some space away from machines. Or at least most of them.

I’ve managed to update the site somewhat, so that “recommended” is now just “links” to reflect the people I know and the sites I frequent.

In addition to this, I have been helping out with the HomeFestival with questions about domain names and such. Hopefully things are resolved and they can get to going ahead with all of their promotional material.

Today had some pubtime with Kaelee as we worked on a creative session of sort. Later she came up with something nice and subversive over coffee:

The memories and chipped teeth will last forever


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