A little busy…

There has been a lack of updates. This I apologise for this, things have been busy. A handful of selected people will receive packages in the next couple of days, filled with things that may interest them.

That sounded ominous, right? It’s not. I mean well. But I always look for things that i think someone else may like and then I post it to them. And if they are nice enough, they send me something back.

I wrote a couple of things last week, which I kind of expected to get posted on another site. Sadly, they’ve kind of turned into ephemera at this point. They have kind of lost their potency because they were related to events at the time, but I will probably post them up later on this site.

I have a couple of projects in the wings, some of which I should be working on now. More news on this later, when I get closer to completing them

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