World Naked Bike Ride

So Sunday I rode out to the park where I was meant to meet up with participants of the World Naked Bike Ride. Along the way, I managed to catch up with Bloody Mary of the Rat Patrol. He was piloting as massive two-person bike – Master Gravity Esquire – on his own. His partner in crime had seen the weather and decided not to go.

We both rode to the meeting area to introduce ourselves to the other participants and organisers. There were a few people there already getting their bodies painted in the gazebo, behind the blue tarp. Now, despite what the name says, this was not going to be a bike ride in the buff. While in some countries, they might allow it, here in the Antipodes. The Federal Police were adamant that there could be no exposure, indecent or otherwise. And we got an escort through the streets to make sure of that would not happen or to hold traffic to let us through.

Our Path was across Commonwealth Bridge up to Parliament House, down past Old Parliament House back towards the lake. Since the main waterfront area was still closed from the previous night’s drunken orgy of fireworks. We made a detour around the art galleries and the high court. Then it was over the Kings Ave Bridge for a quick stop at the Carillion and then back across the shortfront to where we started. Just as we are making it to the gazebo it began to rain.

All in all a good day all round.

Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures. Right-click on them if you want to see the full resolution or you are using an iPad (apparently, lightbox code doesn’t work). Some might be NSFW, so you were warned.

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