Breakthroughs and Breakdowns

I have been busy of late. There has been some advancing on the writing front. However, this is mostly helping out with the final issue of a streetpress zine called Bizoo. Most of the work has been a lot of copy editing and other bits and pieces, I really cannot talk about.

My social calender has also improved somewhat, being invited to parties and shindigs and so on. I’ve also started up a new regime of cycling to work. This is basically because I was tired of paying for parking and I need the exercise. It’s about seven and a half kilometres both ways and getting to work requires me to go uphill a whole lot. Which also means that I’m going to have to take my bike in for a service next week as it is way over due.

Sometimes I spend my pubtime drawing in sketchbooks. Some people asked me if I wanted to join them. Eventually I did. They seem nice.

Today, my car broke down, completely losing the will to accelerate as I was going up a hill on a busy road. Turns out there is a part in my car that despite its size, costs a heap of cash.

Now I’m out two hundred filthy lucre.

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