Bum Rush

Okay so finally some things might be coming to an end. Its kinda good to think that. And when I tell people, they say, “Wow, you seem so…subdued about it.”

For the last couple of months, the team I work in has been waist-deep in a data centre move. Thousands of servers, which have to be relocated to another site. They can do this by either mirroring the server across the wire, copying it over in chunks, or picking up the box, load it into a truck and then plant it in the new data centre. Where the team and myself come in, are the backup side of things. Fortunately, I have not directly dealt with the move. That has been left to three, now two, people who are responsible for building backup servers, media libraries, backup policies and then make sure the whole damn thing works. Then while this is happening, we have a team leader that has been effectively deflecting every project manager and general time-eater from our area. I do not envy these people’s positions. Nor do I envy the person who has been trying to delegate someone to load media for us at the new site. My role has been relatively small, which is attempting to continue checking the old servers, while everything is slowly shut down. It is slow and often confusing work, as several teams are involved and the communication is all over the place. Frankly, we never had the numbers to handle the move in the first place. We would have needed clones of the entire team, to keep up with everyone and everything being thrown at us.

This is just one aspect of a data centre move. I do not know of the stories that the server teams, projects, or other groups have to speak of. But go ask anyone in IT. They will probably tell you it is shit. They are being very polite.

This is going to change soon. After a call and an email, my paperwork for a new job has arrived. By Monday, I might be signing something and then in a number of weeks I will be going to another place to perform, exactly the same kind of work I am doing now…except without dealing with a sodding data centre move, or the company i currently work for.

Another project is coming to a close soon, my time as volunteer copy-editor, and surgeon of articles is coming to a close for now. Now it’s basically waiting for the official announcement to come through so I can repeat it here.

I am drinking whiskey right now. Because I have not done so in more than a month. Because I have been waiting for one or two things to actually finish. Well, its nearly three. Its worth a drink and I am very tired.

This and work like it has cropped up near and around where I live.

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