So I’m Back

Right. I have a new job now. There a number of things that happened in the last couple of weeks, except that I cannot write about them now. Or possibly ever. But I guess they are not worth mentioning in the first place. There is one thing I can say about my job right now: I can get shit done. For now. And it is a good thing while it lasts.

However, there has been a lot of biding my time, waiting for opportunities to show themselves and then taking them. There have been a couple of projects I have been working on as I am dividing my free time working on a comic book series, learning how to draw and attempting to build a social life of some description.

Firstly, with the writing, I still need to have it checked over by a couple of people to ensure that I am not completely taking the piss. And that it is a story that people would genuinely want to read as opposed to being locked up in a dungeon and forced to read it. Because that’s not allowed to happen anymore. Court order and all.

Secondly, the drawing helps to break the ice with complete strangers at parties and at the pub, which is good. But I’m not posting any of it on the web yet. Not brave enough for that. Plus its also like therapy.

Lastly, someone couldn’t believe that I did not have a FaceBook account. Well I don’t and I honestly do not see what the big deal is. I could believe that person gives out his email address, but if you’re not in his address book, your email ends automatically in his spam bin. Now that’s goddamn puzzling. The main reason I do not possess a FaceBook account is because I do not see the need for one. I have this site after all.

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