Links of Interest

These are too rare. I should really get into the habit of doing more. My RSS reader is full of Interesting Things that I just don’t have time to report on.

If We Don’t, Remember Me.

Like all good tumblr sites, IWD,RM is cinematic hauntology. Perfectly picked scenes from films that are rendered into seamlessly cycling gifs. It’s almost an art perfected.


I have been following this one for a number of months. Bad of me. This guy really like Marilyn Monroe. And when he’s not doing a marathon of those, its all manner of things from the past, a true wunderkammer of the good ol’ days.


I do not read many web comics. I find most difficult to appreciate because of the back matter and in-jokes you have to get before anything is relevant or funny. It’s good when I catch one early. Godsend is created superbly. So well in fact, I’m surprised that it’s not in print. Slightly larger images would help better to soak in the details.

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