My Week in Melbourne

Flying out of Melbourne and away from my family. Back to Canberra now.

The people in Melbourne were nicer than I expected, even the homeless seemed hospitable to some degree. I expected attitudes of cynical big-city life, similar to the cynical we-think-we-live-in-a-big-city life I’ve come to expect from number of people in this town. But, I will admit I was surprised.

I stayed for a week in one of those short-stay apartments. A fully furnished kind of deal that is something of a hotel, but without so much interference from the staff. The problem was the location. While close to the city, it would have been less awkward by being on the other side of the river where the action was. There were a number of times I had to drag myself back and forth across Southbank and the River in order to leave things at the apartment and then go back in again for dinner or another appointment.

Catching up with my family was fun in the end. It was nice to see their faces once more. I also need to develop some contacts in Melbourne too. It would be nice to go back later in the year.

Just finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Now I know what the differences between the book and the film are now. You can read that as either good or bad.

I was interesting to be in a town that embraced street art, but there were also plenty of people that were taking photos, same as me. Got a little annoyed with that sometimes.

While I missed out on the ACT Comic Meet’s mid-month meeting, I did stumble across a illustration studio in the Atrium in Federation Square, where small human zoo of illustrators were plugging away at their work.

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