This Weekend’s Derby

Now onto something more recent: More Roller Derby!

This weekend was my first time back in Tuggeranong, to see the Roller Derby Season, I’ve been missing out on. I think I was in Melbourne for one of them. Anyway, I really enjoyed this match, between the Surly Griffins and the Red-Bellied Black Hearts, for one major reason. It was fast. It was the kind of derby that I fell in love with when I first saw it. It moved at a break-neck speed for most the hour, which just simply proved the stamina of most of these women.

This is waaaay better than the current trend of slowing the entire pack (and the game down). A strategy that was used heavily in a game I posted about earlier. I understand its use, but seriously it puts a dent in the spirit of the game. And that spirit is all about speed.

There were tumbles-a-plenty in this match, and while this what everyone expects at the derby, its still pretty dangerous, when you think about. I still sit in the suicide seating, remembering that private health form still sitting on my desk. At least I have dental I suppose.

Ve, once again, was nice enough to take photos of the match and not take other people’s souls for a change.

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